Turtle Guard: How To Escape The Seatbelt Grip Every Time In Turtle

In general, the Turtle position is supposed to be a defensive position where you stay briefly to
either sweep or transition to some form of guard retention. But it’s definitely not considered to be
an attacking position. Yet, Raoul Audhoe systematically managed to submit not one, but ALL of his
opponents – Attacking From Turtle.

Was it a lucky shot? No, submitting seven opponents in a row was not a random coincidence,
because Raoul Audhoe, who is a brown belt under Master Priit Mihkelson is no stranger to the
Turtle game. Namely, for the last couple of years, Raoul have focused on learning from
Mihkelson’s work, and in a time of a pandemic this tournament was the first possibility to finally
battle-test the true effectiveness of this unorthodox position.

So you’ve turtled up and your training partner snatched a Seatbelt Grip. How are you going to escape it?

Here’s a great way to do so, as shown by Josh Barnett:

Learn to Attack From Turtle

Say Goodbye to getting submitted from your back because you’re about to get a new A-GAME!

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