Tammi Musumeci On Not Using Instagram: “It’s Just Something I Don’t Really Like”

Tammi Musumeci is a super successful BJJ athlete, just like her brother, Mikey.
The two have been training together and supporting each other for ages – but then again, there are differences between the two.

For example, Tammi doesn’t use Instagram! She revealed why, as well as other interesting insights, in a recent interview with Jiu-Jitsu Times:

I’m in a different place than [my brother] – and most Jiu-Jitsu athletes. It’s just something I don’t really like – I just see the negatives to it.

I know that some people make a lot of money off it, and it’s important, but I kind of just like doing my own thing, and doing it for myself.

And she isn’t “just” an elite BJJ competitor either, but she also works a day job, as a law clerk for a family court judge.
In other words, her work ethic is unprecedented:

I feel like I’m the type who likes to be busy. I feel like a good day for me is one where I try to fit a ton in.
I feel weird if I don’t have a lot to do.

I like to keep the stress to a manageable amount [in both work and Jiu-Jitsu], but you can’t always control that.

Tammi also shared what Mikey’s “secret” is:

He’s always learning, and he doesn’t have an ego.

I think a lot of the higher-level guys, if they’re good at, let’s say, wrestling – they’re just going to do what they’re good at.
They’re not going to work on anything else.

Whereas Mikey, he works on everything. So I feel like that’s a benefit.


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