Try This (Painful) Armbar & Kimura Setup From Knee On Belly

Simply put, the knee on belly is a pin used to control an opponent. It is unique because you use a small part of your body to apply pressure on an opponent’s torso. Typically, it is applied on an opponent’s abdomen, but there are variations where you place your knee on the chest. Both variations are effective in causing discomfort and can be great tools to set up attacks.

The great thing about the knee on belly position is its versatility. You can use the KOB to float on top position, using it to transition to the mount. You can also use it as a crushing pin in itself.

If you’ve established the Knee On Belly position, then you’ve already done half the work. Now, you just need to set up a submission!

Here’s an Armbar and Kimura setup from Knee On Belly… A painful one.
Bernardo Faria demonstrates:

Learn from Bernardo how to take normal controlling positions, give yourself an advantage with aggressive fixes in your game, and finish with submissions.

  • Bernardo Faria won 5 black belt IBJJF World Championships using these systems – and now he teaches every detail so it can help you.
  • Work from common positions like side control, knee on belly, mount, the back, and top half guard – each time seeing how to turn each one into a finishing sequence for you.

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