This Nasty Wrist Lock Setup Will Surprise Your Training Partners

Wrist lock is perhaps the most underutilized and underestimated submissions in Grappling. There is no denying the effectiveness of the submission, along with the huge number of positions that it can be utilized from. Wrist locks are not only a powerful technique that will force a quick tap from your opponent, but it is also a low risk technique: meaning that when attempting it,  you won’t lose any dominant top position if it doesn’t work.

Wrist Locks are one of those techniques that can be hit from virtually anywhere… And when you set them up properly, your opponents will have little to no time to defend.

Would you like to learn a Wrist Lock setup that will take your training partners by surprise…
Especially because it can be applied when they’re transitioning to Mount?

Thomas McAuliffe demonstrates this Wrist Lock setup on the video below:

Bring Science To “Prison Rules Jiu-Jitsu” – Wristlocking Ace Pete “The Greek” Letsos Reveals How The Wristlock Can Be & Should Be Your Go To Submission: You Are Missing So Many Chances For Submissions.

  • Attack one of the most vulnerable and available joint locks in the world with wrist locking master and guru Pete “The Greek” Lestos.
  • The wrist lock is one of the most overlooked attacks in submission grappling, and with Pete The Greek, you can learn how to terrorize your gym with wrist locks from every angle.


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