This Escape Technique Will Make You Much More Confident When Stuck In Mount

Let’s keep it real: there have been lots of times when you were stuck in your training partner’s or opponent’s Mount when you’ve resorted to doing the bridge and roll technique – otherwise known as the Upa – to escape… But failed doing so more often than not, coming to believe that: „Shucks, the Upa is just not practical! It’s too easy for them to prevent it!“

Well, as somebody once said – BJJ is perfect, it’s the practitioner that makes mistakes. And so is the case with the Upa; there are details which, if you get them right, will make this technique work wonders for you.

Stuck in someone’s Mount? Yup, that can be disheartening.
Especially if you just can’t seem to escape it.

So, here’s a Mount escape technique that works exceptionally well.
Pedro Sauer demonstrates the details below:

Get Out Of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu’s Worst Positions, Gi Or No-Gi, With Lachlan Giles’s Insights Into Escaping.
The 2019 ADCC Absolute Medalist Teaches How To Get Out Bad Grappling Positions With Narrated Live Rolling Of Him Performing The Techniques.

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