The Butterfly Sweep: It’s About Time You Learn How To Do It

You still don’t know how to do the Butterfly Sweep? Well, that’s alright – as long as you’re keen on learning it!

Have you had enough with complicated techniques which have a seemingly never-ending amount of details? It would be really neat if you could just learn a couple of simple, but effective moves… That’ll get you onto the track of fast improvement.
Well, here’s one such technique! This Butterfly Sweep is so simple to set up that you’ll blame yourself for not learning it sooner.

Here are some great tips on getting it done, as demonstrated by Jordan Preisinger on the video below:

Learn The Self Taught Secrets That Have Allowed Adam Wardzinski To Become The Best Butterfly Guard Player On The Planet – While Training In Poland! In The Past Year Adam Has Beaten World Champions like Erberth Santos, Muhammed Aly, Isaque Bahniese and ADCC Champ Vinny Magalhaes With His Butterfly Attacks.

You too can unlock one of the sharpest and most effective guards in modern grappling, with this exclusive 4 part video series from Adam Wardzinski. He’s traveled around the world and back, perfecting and rediscovering the modern butterfly, and he’s here to share it with you! With sweep after sweep, submission after submission, and much, much more, this is a can’t miss piece of jiu-jitsu knowledge that has to be seen to be appreciated!

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