The Best BJJ Advice You Need Right Now: Change Your Angle

One of the best things that you could do for the sake of your Jiu-Jitsu is to start focusing on your and your opponent’s angles.
That is to say: you need to focus on changing your angle in relation to your opponent.

Why? Because frontal attacks won’t work all too well against more experienced opponents.
John Danaher expands on the topic:

It’s very difficult to attack through the front door on a defensively sound opponent.
Their entire stance is set up relative to your current position and location to stop you being able to execute any attacks.

However, if you were to change the angle or orientation of your body relative to him, then his stance will need to be changed to address the change you’ve made – and in the time he makes that change he will be open to attack.

Not all angle changes have to be big ones, as even small changes will yield huge results.
On the other hand, sometimes changing your angle completely is what’s required.

One example of completely changing your angle is inverting:

This completely changes the relationship between your positioning and his and can open big avenues of attack.

Get used to inverting under an opponent – moves that seemed impossible just a few seconds before suddenly become a lot easier.


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