AJ Agazarm on Gordon Ryan Health Issues: ‘This is What Happens When You Pump Your Body Full of St**oids’

3x ADCC world champion and No Gi GOAT Gordon Ryan is once again out for a few months. The great grappler has serious health problems once again, despite being only 27 years old. It seems that in the near future we will not see the fourth installment of Ryan vs Pena, which has been postponed recently. In recent weeks, “King Gordon” has lost a lot of weight and does not look very good.
Gordon Ryan shared a post about his health. At the last minute, he canceled his matchup with Felipe Pena at WNO. The main event was saved by his former teammate Nicky Rod, with whom Gordon constantly argues on Instagram. Both accused each other of using illegal doping substances.

In March, Gordon fell ill with strep throat and recently had his tonsils removed. It seems that Ryan’s immune system is completely destroyed from taking a huge amount of antibiotics, and his recovery will be a long and very bumpy road. Below is the full post of Gordon Ryan, who shared his current health with his fans.

Many people guess what is the reason for the very weak condition of the immune system of the American from New Jersey. IBJJF world champion and ADCC silver medalist AJ Agazarm has his opinion on this.

Gordon Ryan and AJ Agazarm have engaged in a conflict on Facebook, which is common for Ryan’s social media activity. Ryan frequently utilizes social media to challenge future opponents and irritate other professional grapplers, and this is a significant aspect of his popularity among fans. However, his remarkable performances on the mats, including his record-breaking performance at ADCC 2022, are the primary reason for his widespread admiration. Additionally, he is well-known for his frequent exchanges with other professional grapplers. Although, it should be noted that he is not always the one to instigate the conflict and is often publicly called out by other competitors first.

Ryan and Agazarm have previously clashed on social media and competed in the same vicinity at ADCC 2022, where Agazarm competed in the 66kg division. This recent interaction began when Agazarm shared a photo of himself competing in a brown belt ranked rashguard to his official Facebook page and included a quote about the object of Jiu-Jitsu.

Out of nowhere, Gordon Ryan commented on AJ Agazarm’s post and immediately criticized his competition record. Agazarm promptly responded by bringing up several aspects of Ryan’s career history.

The first comment about destroying his stomach relates to the stomach issues that kept Ryan out of competition for the majority of 2021, although there is no public information to suggest that this was self-inflicted. The second part of the comment about the relationship with his brother is in relation to the breakup of the Danaher Death Squad after the team returned from Puerto Rico. When this occurred, Gordon Ryan decided to stay with John Danaher and Gordon Ryan to form New Wave Jiu-Jitsu while his brother Nicky went in the other direction and formed B-Team Jiu-Jitsu with Craig Jones, Nicky Rodriguez, and Ethan Crelinsten.

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