Surprise Your Opponents with a Brabo Choke from Closed Guard

“Sheesh, Closed Guard is so ineffective for submissions after you reach a certain level… There’s no point in learning it anymore.” But is there?
Whether you like playing Closed Guard or not, you’re going to find yourself doing it quite a lot – that’s just the nature of the sport. And as such, it’s a really good idea to expand your knowledge with more submissions from there – like a Brabo Choke from Closed Guard.

Plus, given the fact that your opponents won’t really be expecting a choke from Closed Guard if you’ve been training for a while, you can be sure that the surprise factor will work in your favor!



In order to set up this submission, you’ll first have to break the opponent’s posture. Then, latch onto them so that they don’t posture back up; and untangle their lapel from their belt with your other hand. The more you untangle it and the looser it is, the better.
From there, you’re going to feed this lapel to your other hand. Keep pulling the opponent down with it, so as to keep them at bay.

Now, you’ll use your second hand to threaten a Cross Choke. When the opponent starts defending against it with their arm, simply grab that arm and pull it across to the other side. Scoop in near the opponent to block this arm from escaping and then scoop their head towards you… While simultaneously flexing your lapel grip to get the tap.
Watch Nick “Chewy” Albin demonstrate the Brabo Choke from Closed Guard on the video below, and learn more details to it:

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