Robert Drysdale Reveals The Question All BJJ Practitioners Need To Ask Themselves

So you train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and you want to become good at it…
Well, then there is one question that you – as well as almost every other BJJ practitioner – should ask yourself.

And that is: why do you train Jiu-Jitsu?

Robert Drysdale explained the importance of asking this question in an interview with BJJEE:

People tend to focus a lot on physical and mental talents. Those are unquestionable, of course…

However, they are non-idealistic and cynical – in ways that they reinforce that some of us have superior physical and mental traits compared to others.
I mean, sure, we aren’t clones and we differ dramatically psychologically and physically between each other. But there is something more important that both sides of this argument often ignore.

Namely, that is the “why”. Why do you do BJJ and what does it mean for you?

It is an important question, but most competitors can’t give you a straight answer.
And the reason for that is because they’ve never given it enough thought.

He had to ask himself the same question.
And he came to a great realization after finding the answer:

I only came to understand my own reasons after retirement, by looking back on my career.

Many competitors want to win because they have their eyes on the reward – whether it is prestige, money, notoriety…
But those are the same athletes whose motivation is short-lived because they are feeding off of external motives.

Having pure motivations will drive you longer in my opinion, because your motives are now internal.
The best competitors compete because they have something to prove to themselves.


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