Rafael Lovato Jr. Shows A Shin To Shin Pass From Headquarters

If you’re passing Open Guard, getting into the Headquarters position is a great option – from which you’ll have a lot of opportunities to pass.

This style which always starts from a Headquarters Position which dismantles all types modern guards (DLR, lasso, Spider) & leglock threats. You can combine these passes with submissions which always confuses the opponent.

The Headquarters is a great, dominant position to pass from in Jiu-Jitsu.
Here’s how to use it to pass with a Shin To Shin Pass.

Rafael Lovato Jr. demonstrates the Shin To Shin Pass from Headquarters on the video below:

Rafael breaks down how to use each pass to build your arsenal and start adding staples, side smashes, and more to create the best possible top game.

  • Use the ultra-effective headquarters position to shut down their offense and begin setting up your own.
  • Attack the guard with knee slices, X passes, leg drags, and more, all optimized for no-gi grappling success.

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