Mikey Musumeci Credits Jarred Brooks For His Performance: “He Went Out Of His Comfort Zone”

Image credits: ONE Championship

Mikey Musumeci recently beat Jarred Brooks – MMA strawweight champion of the world – in their submission grappling match at ONE Championship.
And he has a tremendous amount of respect for the MMA fighter.

He shared why in a post-fight interview:

He’s a real champion. Champions put themselves in uncomfortable positions.
And they push themselves for growth.

And he had no ego. He dropped his ego to come out here and grapple with me.
And that’s what I define as a champion.

So again, I have so much respect for that guy.

Musumeci emphasized that Brooks is a very skilled grappler:

I grapple with so many high-level people, and he’s super tough and durable, super strong.
I was really impressed by how he was hand-fighting me in closed guard. He was awesome, and again, props to him.

He’s a warrior.
He’s a World Champion in MMA, and he took a match with me in jiu-jitsu, going out of his comfort zone.

Check out Mikey Musumeci’s submission against Jarred Brooks on the video below:


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What do you think is next for Mikey? Who would be an optimal opponent for him…
Maybe one of the Ruotolo brothers, as a part of a superfight?

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