Gordon Ryan Talks Jon Jones: “He Is Spectacular As A Person”

Gordon Ryan recently had an opportunity to train and spend some time with MMA legend Jon Jones.

Here’s a glimpse into their rolling session:

Ryan shared what Jones is like in-person:

He treated the random cashiers at stores the exact same way he treated me.
He didn’t treat treat me good because of who I am. He just treats people nicely because it’s who he is as a person.

He’s as incredible with fans as any celebrity I’ve ever seen and genuinely gives everyone he meets his all.

Say what you want about him, but he was nothing but spectacular as a person.

Jones gets into a different mind zone when training enters the conversation:

When he talks about combat, you see an intentional shift in his demeanor and thought process.
You see the gears start turning, and you see the depth at which he understands the sport.

I threw some complicated sequences at him, and he learned as fast as anyone.
By day 3, he was exponentially better at drilling than he was on day one.

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