Lachlan Giles Shares Important Injury Prevention Tips: “Keep Your Training Load Consistent”

Lachlan Giles is one of the most recognizable Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu athletes and coaches today.
And he has plenty of great advice – such as on how to train for longevity.

Giles shared some of that advice in an interview for BJJEE a while back.
Here’s what he had to say about injury prevention:

The most important piece of advice that I can give for injury prevention is to keep your training load consistent, as a rapid increase in training load is a pretty good predictor that you will get injured.

However, what people often miss when I say this is that a decrease in training load, e.g. taking a 2 week vacation, can make it so that going back to your normal training load is now a rapid increase in training load.

Additionally, he advises to seek medical opinion if you do get injured. And that you keep moving:

I haven’t had any serious injuries for some time, but my advice is to, if you are injured, first seek a medical opinion.
Afterwards, it’s important to ask them the following question: „What can I still do?“

So long as the condition allows, you need to try to keep some level of training going; so that when you get back to full training, the increase in load is not as drastic.

Read our full interview with Lachlan Giles on the following link.


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