JT Torres: “Those Who Train Both Gi & No-Gi Have An Advantage”

To gi or not to gi… That is the question. Though the answer could be pretty obvious – as it might be best to train both.
For, even if you’re competing exclusively in either, training both in the gi and no-gi will have a spillover effect from one to another.

Don’t just take it from us, though. Even world champions, such as JT Torres, prefer training both:

I really don’t have a favorite – I enjoy both pretty equally. And I’ve always done both since I’ve started training…
I’ve never done only Gi or only No Gi – I’ve always done both, since I’ve started.

Even when I competed as a kid and as a white and blue belt, I’d always sign up for NAGA’s and Grappler’s Quest in both Gi and No Gi.

To JT, it seemed strange that people would train just in one or another:

I feel that only in recent years it became a big thing that some people train only in Gi and other only in No Gi.

To me, that seemed so strange because, well, I’ve always done both, from the very beginning.
It was something that I’ve always done and something that I continue to do up until this day.

During the day, I train without the Gi; during the night, I train with the Gi on. I enjoy both.

So, people who train just one or the other are at a disadvantage in comparison to the person who trains both:

I’d say that the person that trains both has an advantage simply because they have a different perspective on grappling… That you can only get if you do both.

Make sure to read our entire interview with JT Torres on the following link.

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