Josh Hinger: “Don’t Go To Competitions With Doubts Or Regrets”

So you want to compete, right? And you’re feeling excited about it?
That’s awesome! But there’s one thing you should take seriously beforehand: preparation.

You need to train properly, both hard and smart, if you want to feel at your best.
Because, as Josh Hinger says, there’s nothing worse than going into a competition and knowing that you didn’t give it your all:

One of the worst feelings going into a competition is wondering if you did enough to prepare for it.
Or worse yet, KNOWING you didn’t do enough.

If you are standing on the edge of the mat knowing you could have done more.
Knowing that it was within your ability to do more with the exception of the obvious work and family priorities.

If you have to carry this doubt with you onto the mat, you are absolutely going to feel its burden.

So, Hinger advises you to give it your all in training:

Train hard. Train intensely without fear of failure. Train to push your own evolution.

Don’t go to competitions with doubts or regrets.
Go knowing you did all you can do and that whoever stands across from you is not going to have a good time, whether in victory or defeat.

If you can do this, even if you don’t get the result that you want, you can be at peace with your effort and your experience and use it for future growth.


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