Jeff Glover Shows How To Do The Kimura – From Bottom Mount

Stuck in Mount? What do you think about… Going for a Kimura?

Playing defense in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is most commonly associated with evading submissons and escaping bad positions. However, just because you’re defending yourself doesn’t mean you can’t attack – that you can’t surprise your opponents by submitting them!
One of those surprising attacks is the Kimura from bottom mount and all the other variations that come with it. Here’s how to do it, explained by bjj black belt and ADCC bronze medalist Jeff Glover.

Glover attacks the Kimura and even though he probably won’t get the tap, he forces his opponent to defend by front rolling out of mount. Glover then ends up in a much better position: a Kimura Trap!

Yes, for a Kimura. From bottom Mount.
Here’s how to do it, as shown by none other than Jeff Glover:

Learn Unique and Effective Joint and Limb Attacks from One of BJJ’s Most Entertaining Athletes, Jeff Glover!

  • Jeff Glover earned his black belt in 2006 and is widely recognized for his unorthodox style and unique contributions to BJJ.
  • Glover will re-introduce you to the kimura, the armbar, foot locks, and more, with fresh details and advice on how to get these techniques to work.


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