Improve Your Guillotine Choke – With The Diesel Squeezel Grip

Guillotines are a quite interesting submissions. While some avoid them due to compromising position, others accelerate using them. Many beginners quote guillotine as the first submission to ever “click” for them but as with everything in bjj there’s plenty of intricate details involved including variations.

Are you looking for ways to further improve your Guillotine Choke?
Then you should try using the Diesel Squeezel grip!

It’s been one of the best-kept “secrets” for a long time. Here’s how to apply it, as shown by James Kelly:

Uncover The Hidden Details Of The Diesel Squeezel Including Setups, Finishing Tips, And More In This 5 Part Series!

  • BJJ Black Belt Jim Kelly provides a 5-part deep dive on all aspects of the Diesel Squeezel, a brutal technique that is the perfect compliment to your submission arsenal!
  • Discover how the Diesel Squeezel is the perfect compliment to classic guillotine attacks.

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