Here Is A Simple Way To Beat The Grapevine (From Bottom Mount)

So you’re in bottom Mount and your opponent hooked your legs?
This is called a grapevine. And it can be quite difficult to get rid of.

When you are stuck in bottom mount, one of the ways your opponent can control is by grapevining their legs on yours. It’s reduces your movement and there is even a leglock that they can do, which is quite effective.

So, here is a relatively simple way to beat the grapevine.
Stephen Whittier demonstrates:

If you want to develop highly effective and efficient escapes, this is for you.

  • This is the foundation of all escapes.
  • In this set you will learn how to effectively escape almost any position.
  • Escapes are an imperative part of offense, you can’t have confidence if you do not know escapes.

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