Garry Tonon Reveals Guillotine Choke Details You Didn’t Know Before

Even though the Guillotine Choke is a basic white belt move, there are so many ways to do it DEAD WRONG!

There are so many common mistakes, such as bad grip placement, not scooting your hips out, bridging, extending your legs, and a few more.

Are you a fan of Guillotine Chokes in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu?

Finishing the Guillotine Choke can sometimes be difficult, right?
It’s like, even though you have it locked in place and feel like you should be able to finish it… You can’t.

Here are the Guillotine Choke details you’ve been missing all this time.
Garry Tonon explains:

If you want to take you knowledge on the guillotine to the next level, Blackzillians head coach and grappling start, Neil Melanson just released a new DVD series, The Headhunter Guillotine.” Neil is not your average grappler, he has a background in catch wrestling but he is able to adapt bjj and other grappling techniques. He is one of the BEST instructors in the world and people praise him. Check out his work below!

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