Felipe Costa Reveals Key Mindset Shift For Jiu-Jitsu Success

How do you approach your training sessions? Do you go pedal to the metal in every roll, trying to get the tap at all costs?
Do you always play the same game and try to “win” the roll every single time?

If that’s so, then you’re approaching it wrong. Training isn’t supposed to be about winning, but about learning – so you can win in actual competition.

Felipe Costa experienced this mindset shift as soon as he started competing:

We learn so many lessons on the mat, right? I’m afraid to pick one as the most important, but what jumps out in my mind as a very important lesson is that YOUR EGO will be an obstacle on the way of your progress.

I definitely learned that because I became a competitor – and once you make that transition, getting tapped in the academy totally changes its meaning.
It becomes a perfect opportunity to see what and where to improve.

Costa hints to the fact that you should most likely compete, as this will be beneficial to your growth in training:

People who never compete tend to make the gym their competition, whereas the ones who experience tournaments tend to make the gym into a laboratory, into a place to improve.

That simple mentality shift, in my understanding, will make a difference on your progress both in the academy and in life.

Read our entire interview with Felipe Costa on the following link.


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