Nick Rodriguez Shares If He’ll Ever Compete In Gi Jiu-Jitsu: “Why Would I Wear Pajamas?”

Nick Rodriguez is one of the top-ranking submission grappling athletes in the world today…
But will he ever compete in gi Jiu-Jitsu?

That appears to be the question that even his B Team Jiu Jitsu teammates are interested in knowing more about.
In their recent “The Simple Man Podcast” episode, Ethan Crelinsten asked Rodriguez if he’d ever compete in the gi if they “paid him enough”.

And Rodriguez’s answer? It’s straightforward:

Yeah, no problem.

But would he compete against Nicholas Meregali, in the gi as well?
The team wanted to hear his thoughts on that as well, but this time Rodriguez was more tongue-in-cheek:

Yeah, I would just take the jacket off.
Like, he can wear the gi and the match starts… And then I take the jacket off.

But what if he were forced to take on the match? Rodriguez replies:

Yeah, I would do it. And I wouldn’t train any gi.

We should actually do a match where he wears a gi and I wear no-gi. And then, just, the best man wins.
Wear your f*cking karate suit.

It’s just so stupid, why would I wear these f*cking pajamas?

Hear more of Nick Rodriguez’s thoughts on competing in gi Jiu-Jitsu on the video below:

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