Draculino: “The Most Successful Students Have Dedication, Perseverance & Discipline”

What’s the one most important trait that all successful BJJ students and athletes have?

We asked Vinicius “Draculino” Magalhães that question.
The world-class coach first emphasized that it’s difficult to define “success”:

It is very difficult to „measure“ my most successful black belts, sort to speak.

For, I have black belts which are really successful in competition and I have the ones that are really successful in professional fighting – in the UFC and similar. Then, I have students which are really successful coaches…

And then, I have other students that are really successful in life; who use Jiu Jitsu as a tool to be successful in the path they chose to follow.

But then again, he does have three character traits that the most successful students seem to have:

So, I think that success can be measured in different ways.

But, one trait that I really notice often on my most successful students is, like Master Carlos Gracie Jr. always said – dedication, perseverance and discipline.

These beat even the highest of talents; and if you put talent on top of that, then you can conquer the world.


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Read our full interview with Draculino on the following link.

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