Do NOT Try This If You’ve Never Done A Buggy Choke Before

The Buggy Choke is one of those submissions that your opponents don’t really see coming… And that aren’t performed successfully most of the time. However, when you time it properly – and when you place the necessary details into their right place – it turns into a high percentage move.

Did you know that there’s a way to set up a Buggy Choke from Closed Guard?
Yes, there is – but you definitely shouldn’t be trying it out if you’ve never done a Buggy Choke before.

You need to be pretty flexible for this one.
Jacob Rodriguez demonstrates:

Learn Grappling’s Craziest New Submission With The Ruotolo Brothers Teaching The Secrets Behind Their Signature Buggy Choke – No Crazy Flexibility Needed!

  • The buggy choke has been shown effective, even against elite competition, and now you can see what makes this innovative attack so powerful.
  • The Ruotolo brothers, Tye and Kade, have become known for this submission hold, pulling it off against high level grapplers – now you can learn directly from them.


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