Caio Terra’s Advice For White Belts: “Don’t Focus Too Much On Trying To Get Better”

You’re a BJJ white belt, in the search for advice from experienced athletes…
So why not listen to the advice from Caio Terra, a 12x world champion?

Terra emphasizes that white belts shouldn’t focus too much on trying to get better.
Rather, their primary concern should be having fun – as having fun will, in the long term, mean that they won’t quit.

Caio shared his opinion in an interview with BJJEE:

The advice that I always give to all white belts is to have fun.

With time, everyone gets better. With time, everyone gets promoted.
But if you focus too much on trying to get better, you might end up not having fun and you might end up quitting.

If you try and have fun, then chances are that you’ll keep training. Which is the most important ingredient for success on the mats:

Now, if you try to have fun, without trying to get better whatsoever – eventually, you’ll get better. Eventually, you’ll get promoted. But, one most important thing is that you’ll never quit Jiu-Jitsu, because you are having fun.

Of course, a balance of both is the best option, to have fun and study, getting better doing both.
Because, of course, when you get better, BJJ becomes more fun! But, like in life, Jiu-Jitsu requires balance.


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