Engage Standing Opponent In No Gi BJJ ( Sweep / Leglock Entry )

In No Gi there is so much less to hold onto. Which can make it more difficult to execute techniques off your back when someone is keeping their distance.

Whenever I have someone get away from me I almost always sit up to a seated Guard position. This is a superior position for my style. It allows me to move quickly and even pop up for a takedown if the situation allows it.

The Guard sweep / entry that I show in this video starts when a person is just out of range. This happens a lot when someone is attempting to pass Guard with a longer range pass.

The sweep which I call an inside Lumberjack Sweep. Since the legs are on the inside of the person’s body rather than on the outside. It’s a great stand along BJJ sweep which is very effective if you can get to the position.

It’s also a useful entry to leg locks and leg attacks. Even if you’re a BJJ White Belt who isn’t allowed to use twisting leg locks. It’s effective for setting up straight ankle locks.

So if you’re having trouble with people in No GI BJJ keeping their distance and you’re unsure how to engage. Give this series a try. I hope it helps.


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