UFC 140 bomb: Jon Jones to face Lyoto Machida

Lyoto kicks Couture in photo by Esther Lin/Publicity

Behind the scenes at UFC 129 in Toronto, manager Jorge “Joinha” Guimarães remarked, following Randy Couture getting knocked out, and quoted him for its readers: “An in-shape Lyoto is one of the few guys with a game that can confuse Jon Jones.”

Well, today UFC president Dana White broke word over twitter that Jon Jones will put his title up for grabs at the December 10 UFC 140 show, facing the very Brazilian.

A former light heavyweight champion, Lyoto was knocked out by Mauricio Shogun in 2010, losing his title, which Jones promptly snapped up by running roughshod over Shogun.

At the 140 show, back in Toronto, Canada, the Nogueira brothers will see action on the same night. Minotauro will rematch Frank Mir and Minotouro will clash with Tito Ortiz.

Could Lyoto have what it takes to usurp Jon Jones’s throne and make the belt change hands? What do readers think?

(With the collaboration of Junior Samurai)

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