Renzo offers recipe for putting sloth to rest, without suffering at all

Renzo in photo by Gustavo Aragão

“Never a lazy day anymore, no suffering, just pleasure.”

Fighting-arts idol Renzo Gracie posted the above phrase over Twitter, offering his recipe for getting in shape for ADCC 2011 and carrying on with the grueling daily workouts till after his next MMA fight, the 23rd of his career.

The Gracie living in New Jersey released a photo of his grocery cart with some of the ingredients from David Worlf’s book “Superfoods”, where the author argues that nourishing one’s self with natural superfoods is the best medicine for leading a healthy life free of disease. Included on the list – and in Renzo’s shopping cart – açaí and other berries, like goji, raspberries and mulberries. Red meat? Forget about it.

Want to find out how Renzo and other Jiu-Jitsu whizzes have been eating? Take a look at the book and check back with for further news.

Renzo's food. Photo: Personal Files/Twitter.

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