Tye & Kade Ruotolo: “A Normal Day For Us Is The Mats & Ocean”

What does a normal, regular day look like for Tye and Kade Ruotolo?
Well, their answer sounds a whole lot like paradise!

The two brothers had an AMA (Ask Me Anything) session on Reddit, where they answered fan questions.
One of which was the “regular day” inquiry:

A normal day for us is the mats and ocean. Surf/jiu Jitsu and skating. When we’re in camp we make training the priority and surf/skate a bit less.

They also shared some great advice on how to get most out of your training:

The biggest piece of advice for people wanting to get the most out of their training is to make sure you show up motivated, and focus on your own mistakes, not strengths.

But then again, according to the Ruotolo brothers, you really shouldn’t be training every day of the week.
They train just 4 times per week, with the the remaining three days being dedicated to active recovery:

We rest about three times a week, that being active recovery. Our number one tool is foundation training, we also love cryotherapy and acupuncture for extra help.

And yes… They are preparing for the MMA transition:

We plan on MMA by the end of the year for sure!

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