BJJ Legend On Doping in Jiu-Jitsu: ‘I Saw a Guy on PEDs Die on the Mats. Was it Worth it?’

Doping in Jiu-Jitsu has become such a big issue. Recently, six Brazilian athletes were suspended by USADA (US Anti-Doping Agency) after being caught in tests carried out at the IBJJF Worlds Gi and No Gi in  2022.

It’s a real shame that it has come to the point where athletes feel forced to use steroids and other drugs to gain an edge. Even more tragic is the fact that someone died from using them. BJJ legend Rodrigo Comprido’s experience is a stark reminder of just how dangerous doping can be.

Rodrigo Comprido , who is considered a Jiu-Jitsu legend and twice absolute world champion by the IBJJF , recalled when he saw a man die on the mat after using steroids. The excerpt is part of the interview given to the podcast “Connect Cast” in 2022.

“This doping has to stop. I’ve always thought it was wrong. It messes you up in the long run. I met people who took drugs and died of cancer, whether it was related or not. I saw a guy dying on the Jiu-Jitsu mat. They took him out on the stretcher. He was competing, took three steps to the side and fell. A guy was doing CPR on him. (…) So, I didn’t like this stuff anymore, I already had a strong opinion about it (use of steroids). Looks like the guy was on horse steroids. So, was this worth it?” Comprido recalled.

Mica Galvão’s doping scandal at the start of April, as reported by USADA (USA’s Anti-Doping Agency) for the use of clomiphene and its metabolites during the 2022 World Cup, is still making waves. Three-time world champion Márcio Pé de Pano commented on it in his podcast ‘A Hora do Jiu-Jitsu’.

The multi-champion expressed his opinion on the issue, saying he would be “ashamed” if something like that happened to him: “I praised this kid (Mica Galvão) a lot when he was world champion last year. Now he’s been caught in doping and I’m critical about it. That’s all I can say on any cases like this. If I got caught in something like that, I’d feel so embarrassed and disappointed; I wouldn’t have the courage to look my kids in the eyes”.

Pé de Pano continued:

“Today the guys are normal. Life on Mica’s social network is normal. He was caught on doping and makes a little video saying he’s going to fight. Life goes on, don’t be ashamed, don’t even touch the subject. This is the trivialization of the business. You got caught cheating, did you. You can have any explanation you want, but the fact is: you went to a competition, for some reason you broke the rules and got caught. He was suspended for one year and lost the title. This is a fact, ”he ended.

Though Mica has been suspended from IBJJF and CBJJ tournaments, he can still compete in championship matches such as the Absolute GP of BJJ Stars, as well as other federations like AJP. And his punishment will end come July this year.

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