These Toreando Pass Combination Drills Work Great

The Toreando Pass is one of the first guard passes you learn in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu… And you ought to drill it to perfection.

The toreando is a speed-based pass in BJJ. It is named toreando, also known as the bullfighter pass, as it mimics the movement of a matador misdirecting a bull. The basic premise of the toreando pass is to control the opponent’s legs as you move your body to the opposite.

It’s always a good idea to add an additional move or two to the guard passing drill you’re doing.
Simply because it’ll teach you what to do after you’ve passed the guard.

For example, these Toreando Pass combination drills work amazing!
Yoshi Tamaki demonstrates them:

Learn How To Slice Through & Around The Guard With Black Belt World Champion Fabricio Andrey’s Techniques For Passing Spider & Lasso.

  • Master this guard passing system that will help you create strong opportunities to get to dominant positions.
  • Use drills for rapid skill development, including toreando and duck under drills.

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