These Details Will Make Your Mount Control 2x Better

Getting to the Mount is already difficult enough… But setting up submissions from there can be even tougher. And why? Well, it’s because your training partners know what’s coming next. They know that you want to isolate their arms or go for the choke; so they’re keeping everything tight and not giving you any space to work with.

Do training partners often escape from your Mount? Sometimes, almost without any issue at all?

Here are two details that will help you out a lot with Mount control… And that will make your training partners’ job escaping it so much harder.
Jake Shields demonstrates below:

Smash Your Opponent With Pressure And Position & Work For Highly Effective Fight-Ending Submission Holds With MMA Veteran & BJJ Black Belt Jake Shields’s Blueprint For The Mount.

  • Make your mount as potently dangerous as possible with Jake’s techniques for adding pressure and submission threats to this powerful position.
  • Hold the mount against escape attempts as Jake explains how you can shut down bridges, elbow escapes, and other common tactics.

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