Stuck In A De La Riva Guard? Go For The Saddle

Leglock submissions are alive and kicking! It seems like lower body attacks will not go out of fashion soon and how else could it be, when time after time we witness their efficiency on the highest level in BJJ and submission grappling? Many practitioners have based their entire game on leglocks and try to enter heel hooks, knee bars, footlocks, etc. from everywhere!

In Jiu-Jitsu, 80% of your time will be spent either defending your guard or passing the guard. Against a very high level guard player, passing the guard is definitely one of the hardest aspects to develop in the game. It is very time consuming and tiring. A more effective option is to attack a leg, force your opponent to defend, and when they do, forget about defending the guard. That’s the exact time when you can either submit them or you have an open road to pass the guard…

The Saddle is one of the most powerful Leg Lock positions in Jiu-Jitsu.
And you can set it up against the opponent’s De La Riva Guard!

Here’s how, as shown by Drew Weatherhead:

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