Samuel Braga Shows How To Use The Berimbolo From Closed Guard

The Berimbolo, whether you like it or not, when done correctly by someone who is very good at it,  is extremely hard to stop. Some people simply will refuse to learn it or even do it. That’s understandable, but you should at least know how the technique so that you can understand how to defend and even counter it.

Many people see the Berimbolo as a new school technique but the actual fact is that the berimbolo is not new:

‘Berimbolo’ Used in Kosen Judo Way Back in 1950’s

Setting up the Berimbolo from Closed Guard?
Yes, it’s possible. Though you’ll have to learn a few details to it.

Samuel Braga demonstrates these details and the entire setup on the video below:

Deconstruct One Of The Go-To Positions For Versatile Guard Players With World-Class Detail From Multiple Time World Champ Samuel Braga!

  • Fortify your Open guard with next level positional details on off balancing, countering passes, securing sweeps, and of course Berimbolos!
  • Find the perfect position to execute a wide range of Berimbolo and Berimbolo variations.

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