Pressure: A Sure-Fire Way To Identifying Your Weaknesses In BJJ

Think about it for a second: how good would your Jiu-Jitsu be if you would, for a change, start working on your weaknesses?
It would surely improve by a ton.

But what are your weaknesses? Sometimes it isn’t so easy to figure them out.
John Danaher has great advice – roll with training partners who put on the pressure:

I am often asked by students what they need to work on – the best way to assess what you need to work on is to spar with a partner who can subject you to severe pressure.

Just as water poured into a vessel will immediately reveal a leak, and a great weight will immediately reveal a weak link in a chain – so too, pressure will break your game at its weakest point and tell you immediately what you need to work on.

Of course, you shouldn’t be subjecting yourself to this type of pressure all the time. But every now and then, when you feel like you’re missing something but you aren’t sure what it is, go for it:

I don’t recommend subjecting yourself too often to great pressure, but it’s definitely something you need periodically to show you were you need to do the most work for the future.


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