Owen Livesey Shows How To Use The Side Smash Side Control

If you have been doing BJJ for any length of time you have asked yourself this question! Rickson Gracie once said, “the guard is the heart and soul of jiu jitsu”. If you haven’t already noticed, the guard is where you’ll be spending most of your time on the mat. Whether you are fighting off your back or trying to pass, the guard is one of the most intricate and in-depth positions in the art of jiu jitsu.

If you’ve managed to get in the dominant Side Smash position, then getting to Side Control isn’t going to be that complicated! You’ve just got to learn this one extremely important move to complete the pass.

There’s a way to upgrade your Side Control…
By converting it into the Side Smash Side Control!

Owen Livesey demonstrates how to do it on the video below:

Dominate The Top Game In All Aspects And Start Moving And Attacking With Confident With This Series From Judo Black Belt And BJJ Black Belt Owen Livesey.

  • All matches start standing, so begin by learning the proper ways to hand-fight to gain the advantage right off the bat.
  • Dive in to a series of takedowns by utilizing the snap down, fireman’s carry, Sumi Gaeshi, and so much more.
  • Work diligently to learn how to effectively pass a seated guard using the Toreando pass and grips like the upside down C grip.

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