Alistair Overeem Explains Reasons for 60LB Muscle Loss & Announces Retirement from Combat Sports

A recent photograph featuring Alistair Overeem, the former Strikeforce heavyweight champion, has generated concern among combat sports fans as he appeared to look much slimmer in a recent picture.

The picture shows a noticeably different physical appearance for Overeem, which was a far-cry from the massive horse-loving version known to may as “Ubereem. This unexpected transformation has sparked curiosity and speculation among followers of the sport. Many thought that he was sick and some even speculated that he had cancer.

Over the course of his 25-year career, Overeem has been a dominant competitor in various global promotions in both MMA and K1 kickboxing: K1, UFC, Strikeforce, Pride…

MMA Fans have always been fascinated by his massive physique, which has become a defining characteristic of his presence in combat sports. However, the latest image of Overeem standing alongside RIZIN CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara presents a strange image of the usually massive fighter.

When discussing Alistair Overeem’s physical appearance, it is inevitable to address the controversies surrounding his use and abuse of performance-enhancing drugs (PEDs).

One big setback in Overeem’s career happened in 2012 when he fought for the UFC title against then-champion Junior dos Santos. However, a month before the fight, Overeem tested positive for PEDs as his testosterone-to-epitestosterone ratio exceeded the permitted limit, measuring an astonishing 14-to-1 instead of the allowed 6-to-1. Overeem was suspended.

Currently, Overeem is serving a 12-month suspension for testing positive for PEDs after his unanimous decision Kickboxing victory over the controversial Badr Hari at GLORY: Collision 4 in October. The suspension, which strated six weeks after the event, is anticipated to conclude in the upcoming fall. Consequently, Overeem’s initial win was nullified and officially recorded as a no-contest.

Since that happened, Overeem has been off the PEDs and his physique has melted back down to how he looked in his PRIDE FC where he was weighing around 200 lbs.

In a recent interview Overeem explained the reason for his slimming down:

“I have gained experience and made choices that have led to changes in my diet, including becoming a vegetarian. I no longer have any desire to consume meat,” Overeem stated regarding his personal choices.

Overeem also decided to retire from combat sports.

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