Nate Diaz Teaching And Training With Shaquille O’Neal

Recently, footage has been released online of Shaquille O’Neal Training with Nate Diaz. As a long standing fan of the UFC, O’Neal has trained in jiu-jitsu for fifteen years, under both Jonathan Burke and Royce Gracie. O’Neal showcased his martial arts moves on the television program ‘Inside the NBA’, when he wrestled fellow NBA superstar Charles Barkley into submission. It is not surprising that O’Neal has shown an aptitude for combat sports, given his natural size and athleticism. Also, as a former top athlete, he has the work ethic and mental fortitude to excel in a discipline as demanding as jiu-jitsu.

Training with my dude @shaq at @6levels gym #yup @dethrone

A video posted by natediaz209 (@natediaz209) on

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