More Non-Compressive Neck Training

I’ve received lots of feedback about a previous tip discussing how some methods of neck conditioning can be problematical for some people.

Grapplearts newsletter reader Kevin shared his favorite method of neck training with us:

“A neck exercise I use (because I have the same issue with compressiing my neck) is to use a swiss ball. Place the 45cm ball on a wall at ear height – this should be done in correct spinal alignment so that when you press into the ball your neck goes to neutral alignment. Then force against the back using the front, side, back, and side of your head, and then inward rotation. This is done 30sec each for a static hold. You can then build up. Use the Paul Chek golf biomechanics manual for a reference. Proper neck alignment and stabilization is crucial for all athletic performance.”

Another reader, Dylan, talked about his own neck training apparatus:

“One thing i do for my neck is to tie my belt in a loose loop (just like it goes around my waist) through the handles of an elastic exercise cable. I then place the loop around my forehead and do front back and side to side movements. This seems to work well for me.”

‘Matt’ commented that

“In regards to neck harnesses, one of the best pieces of equipment I’ve ever bought is Lifeline’s neck harness.  Because it uses elastic resistance instead of weight plates, you’re able to change the angle of the resistance much more easily, plus there’s no momentum. I actually recall seeing footage of Rickson Gracie training with something much similar (although also much more crude…basically just rubber tube attached to a pole with some tape around it).”

ALSO: several readers enquired about where to get neck harnesses that you can load with weight plates or dumbells. They are available at various places online, I’ve owned several over the years, and they’re pretty much all the same.  So get whichever one you want!

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