Michael Pixley Shows An Easy Escape From The 2 On 1 Grip

Did you know that wrestling can actually be quite simple? It sure can, if you dedicate yourself to learning and perfecting a set number of techniques, until you can hit them automatically.
One of these techniques should definitely be the Russian Tie. It’s going to come in handy whenever you want to progress to a takedown… Or even set up a choke immediately!

You’re on your feet and the opponent snatched a 2 on 1 grip?
Better escape it as soon as possible – or you’re going to be in deep trouble.

Michael Pixley shows an easy way to escape from the 2 on 1 grip:

Start Using The Russian Tie For Takedown Success With Atos Wrestling Coach Fred Leahy’s Series For Attacking Throws, Leg Attacks, And More!

  • Fred Leavy is a BJJ black belt and respected wrestling instructor with the legendary Atos Team.
  • Find better setups for single legs, knee taps, duck unders, and more.
  • Work systematically for the finish as you secure single legs, including navy finishes, inside and outside knee taps, cradles, and more.

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