Michael Bisping Chokes Out “Jackass” Star Steve-O

Steve-O (real name Stephen Gilchrist Glover) is a famous American entertainer, best-known for his performances and stunts in the reality comedy television series “Jackass“.

So, it most likely doesn’t come off as a surprise to many that when Steve-O had an opportunity to get choked out by UFC Hall Of Famer Michael Bisping, he took it immediately!
And, well, Bisping didn’t argue much against the idea either. He stated that he was a huge “Jackass” fan and that he wouldn’t miss a chance to put Steve-O to sleep.

It all took place last Saturday night, at UFC Vegas 73.
On the video below, Bisping is seen competing against Marvin Vettori, who is a UFC middleweight contender… In order to determine if he can choke out Steve-O faster than Vettori can choke out Stevewilldoit!

The men first make it clear that no lawsuits will be filed and that Steve-O wants to get choked out.

And, even though the video doesn’t really show whether Vettori or Bisping won, it’s clearly visible that Bisping was a bit worried until Steve-O woke up.
He even claimed that he was worried because he heard a “pop” as he was applying the Rear Naked Choke… But Steve-O was alright with it all:

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