Kron Gracie: ‘After 5 Years Being Vegetarian, I’m Eating Meat Again & Feel Much Better’

Kron Gracie – the son of Rickson Gracie – has been booked for his octagon return!

He has been sidelined from competition for the last three and a half years, having last fought in 2019.
And on May 6, at UFC 288, he’ll face Charles Jourdain.

Nolan King, MMA Junkie reporter, was the first to report on the Gracie’s comeback:

From 2015 to 2021, as he was fighting MMA, Kron was on a mostly vegetarian and pescatarian (eating fish) diet. In a Vice video, you could see how Kron was mostly eating just enough to sustain him for his daily training sessions.

In 2020, Kron moved to Montana, where he opend a BJJ academy. It seems that Kron Gracie had enough of the constant restrictions and shutdowns that had been causing an immense amount of harm to his existing gym in California, along with many others across the world.

In a IG post, Kron announced that after 5 years as a vegetarian, he was back to eating meat. His grandfather, Helio Gracie was vegetarian for 60 years and followed the Gracie diet.

In the post, where he is seen hunting a deer, Kron wrote:

“Very grateful to hunt my first buck, after being a vegetarian for 5years I now feel a lot better eating meat, killing it makes me appreciate and Overstand what it takes to have a meat dinner.”


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Kron Gracie sports a 5-1 professional MMA record and has last fought at UFC Fight Night Tampa, against Cub Swanson, back in October 2019.
It was then that he suffered the first loss in his professional MMA career, via unanimous decision.

Kron has earned a number of medals. His first one was back in 1998, when he was just 10 years old and when he won the first place in the yellow belt division at the American International Championship.

Since then, he conquered many important bouts, such as the one for the ADCC title in 2013.
Kron ventured into MMA in 2014, with his first fights being under the Japanese “Rizin Fighting Federation”, before signing with the Ultimate Fighting Championship.


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A post shared by Kron Gracie (@riokid)

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