Invaluable BJJ Advice: Pressure Over Time

Do you often find yourself rushing towards the submission?
As in, you’re trying to make it happen but your training partners seem to always escape it with ease?

That’s probably because they’re too comfortable with what you’re doing.
You need to step it up a notch. And apply the concept of pressure over time.

John Danaher explains more on this invaluable concept:

Jiu jitsu is the art of control that leads to submission.

Submission of course, comes from the application of submission holds.
But the truth is what really makes the submission holds work in practice is pressure over time that breaks down an opponents mental will to resist and physical ability to resist through fatigue.

It is in the context of PRESSURE OVER TIME that submission holds have their greatest and most consistent effect at the highest levels.

It’s about following the “fatigue makes cowards of us all” saying:

When you are engaged with someone much lower in level than yourself, or if you catch an opponent by surprise, the submission hold itself is enough for victory.

But in a tough bout against an opponent who knows how to defend himself, it will be the precursor of pressure that makes the submission hold work.


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