Firas Zahabi Shows An Awesome K Guard Transition

The K Guard is a type of open guard in which the bottom player positions their legs and upper body in a manner that resembles the letter “K”. While it can be assumed that the technique’s name came from its resemblance to the letter, according to Neil Melanson, the technique got its name dedicated in honor of the MMA legend Karo Parisyan, who’s a pioneer of using a version of the move many years prior to its recent rise.

In modern BJJ, Lachlan Giles popularized the technique on the world stage as he utilized it against opponents three weight classes bigger. He used the K guard as an entry to leg attacks and finished his opponents via heel hook in ADCC 2019.

The K Guard is an extremely versatile guard in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
For example, here is a simple K Guard transition that you can learn relatively quickly!

Firas Zahabi demonstrates:

Attack with leg locks, back attacks, and sweeps from your back with this systematic approach to the no-gi K guard from Lachlan Giles!

  • Lachlan Giles is an ADCC Absolute bronze medalist, with one of the most legendary runs to the podium ever using the techniques he uses on this series.
  • Use positions and game plans to understand and develop the K guard roll that can give you entries for some of grappling’s most devastating locks.

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