Dilemmas: The Secret To Success In Jiu-Jitsu

So you have a submission you want to go for in training… But your training partners keep defending it.

Could it be because your technique sucks? Well, it most certainly could be.
But it could also be because you’re easy to predict. Because you’re not attacking in dilemmas.

What does “attacking in dilemmas” mean?
John Danaher explains further:

Whenever you can – attack in pairs of moves rather than a single move.

If possible, choose a pair that go in opposite directions so that as opponent defends one he walks into the other.

He shares a great example:

When getting past an opponent’s defensive arms you can attack inside the arms towards the centerline or outside the arms at an angle towards the back – the more an opponent invests in defending one, the more vulnerable he becomes to the other.

Play these two off against each other and you’ll find it much easier to get past resistance.

Of course, this principle isn’t tied to just this or similar examples.
You should seek it out in the whole of BJJ:

This foundational principle is at the heart of all good Jiu-Jitsu.


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