Conor McGregor & Dillon Danis Reunite For Training Session

Image Credits: Conor McGregor’s Twitter

Conor McGregor and Dillon Danis haven’t been seen spending time together for quite a while now…
But it seems that things are coming back to what they used to be.

McGregor and Danis recently “reunited” for an MMA training session.
Conor emphasized that there are “levels to the game”:

Good sparring today at Church Street with Dillon Danis. NYC Underground Kings, word to Eddie.

You think you know. You have no idea.
Onwards we go!

The training took place in the wake of Conor McGregor’s recent se*ual assault allegations.
At the same time, there aren’t any news about Dillon Danis’ return to the octagon.

Namely, Danis recently announced that he’d soon be back to fighting:

I feel like I’ll be back in the cage soon.
I’m going to shut everyone up and make sure they shut the f*ck up, you know. I’m ready to go.

I’ve been begging for a fight with Bellator, and, you know, they’ve been kind of been.
I don’t know, they’ve been playing me, so I’m allowed to do my own thing.

Now, what do you need? I’ve been begging for a fight for months.
I’m ready to go. I’ve been ready to go.

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