Robert Drysdale Fires Off Against Mo Jassim: “Read A Book Every Now And Then”

Robert Drysdale and Mo Jassim appear to be in an ongoing heated discussion – on whether or not the IBJJF or the ADCC is the reason why Jiu-Jitsu is increasingly popular nowadays.

And, well, the discussion really is heated.
Drysdale shared an Instagram post in which Jassim calls him a “moron”:

Next time I hear a moron like Drysdale saying it’s IBJJF growing the sport and not ADCC, I’m sending this.
I feel bad for these athletes, competing with no audience cheering them on.

Drysdale then gave a lengthy reply to Jassim in the post’s description, after which he emphasized:

Saying that the ADCC is responsible for the growth of BJJ is like saying that Jake Paul is responsible for the growth of boxing.

It manages the impressive feat of being both ignorant and disrespectful at the same time.

He then openly criticized Jassim:

I know Mr Nepotism didn’t ask for my advice, but I will give him some nonetheless (because he needs it): spend less time on IG and read a book every now and then.

Start with the CHOQUE and CRAZE series (all 6 volumes).
Read them. Reread them. Read them all a 3rd time (carefully).

And by the time you are done, you will have a good idea of what you don’t know and of what you don’t understand.


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