Logan Paul On Training BJJ With Volkanovski: “Split Me In Half”

Logan Paul has recently had an opportunity to train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu with none other than Alexander Volkanovski, the current UFC featherweight champion.

The two had a roll as well…
And how well did the roll go for Logan?

Well, not too well. Especially after Volkanovski utilized a Body Triangle.
Here’s what Logan Paul had to say about their recent roll:

Man, you [Alexander Volkanovski] are so strong and dominant.

You put me in a Body Lock and I felt like you could have tightened your leg so much.
Literally [could have] split me in half. I’m not doing BJJ again.

He shared how the Body Triangle came to be:

We were drilling this Body Triangle.
And he goes: “Oh, my legs are short and I don’t really do the Body Triangle often.”

And when we actually go to do it he literally almost kills me.

Nevertheless, Logan is happy that both Alexander Volkanovski and Israel Adesanya are the first MMA athletes to have been signed by his company:

We have always been looking to get into the athlete space and have been very particular with who we wanted to stamp.
Floated a lot of names by.

So, when we found out that you guys were equally as interested in us as we were in you, it was a 100% green light for me.

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