Charles Oliveira Open To Grappling Match Against GSP: “It’d Be A Huge Honor”

Former UFC middleweight and welterweight champion Georges St-Pierre will compete in a submission grappling match on December 4 this year, at a UFC Fight Pass Invitational event
And even though it was said that Demian Maia will be his next opponent, it appears that this hasn’t been confirmed yet.

So, a lot of names are being thrown into the mix of his potential opponents. Including Charles Oliveira!
“Do Bronx” shared that he would love to have a submission grappling match against St-Pierre…

That it would be an honor for him to take on GSP – as well as that he’d simply like to compete in BJJ – as emphasized in an interview with the “Troçada Franca” podcast:

It would be very important for me to do a submission fight, I like the art a lot, it would be important, I would really like it.
If I had the opportunity to fight St-Pierre, it would be a huge honor. He’s a guy I admire and respect a lot.

We already met and took a picture together. He told me how much he’s been watching me, it would be great.
Him or anyone else, but if it was against him it would be wonderful.

What do you think? How would the match between Georges St-Pierre and Charles Oliveira go down?


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