Craig Jones Doubts If He’ll Compete At ADCC 2024: “It’s A Lot Of Work”

Every (Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu) athlete, sooner or later, comes to a point in time when he has to figure out if competing is still worth it.
This is true for both amateur and professional athletes alike – including Craig Jones.

Jones sat down with Lachlan Giles in a recent “El Segundo” podcast episode and discussed the possibility of not competing at ADCC 2024.
Why? Well, because his body might not be able to take it anymore:

I’m at the point where like, if my body breaks down I’m just gonna be like: “You know what? Let’s call it a day.”
I just mean I’ll stop training, you know?

Time and priorities are also a factor:

I don’t know if I’ll do ADCC, you know? It’s a tough one.
It’s a lot of work you know? It’s a big commitment of time.

Though, Jones isn’t sure about it just yet. Especially because he’d like to be in the “five-timers club”:

I’ll tell you what, the only reason I wanna do it is because you [Lachlan] have done ADCC how many times?
And I’ve done it 4 times, so I wanna just remind you that I will be in the five-timers club.

But then you might just surprise and show up for a fifth one [as well].

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